Dianne Thomas


Dianne Thomas, Psychic-Medium, has a gentle soul and nature, with complete integrity

and empathy. Dianne brings a wealth of knowledge and talent, both in mediumship and

the psychic modalities, Dianne is also a Reiki master.


Whilst on her journey centred on healing herself, Dianne found her own spiritual

awareness growing, the spirit world and mediumship became more of a focus.

Her love for people and her reverence for the spirit workd is a perfect fit for her.


Dianne is a dependable demonstrating medium in many spiritualist churches and

spiritual centres and also one on one.


Dianne regularly holds development circles, spiritual awareness groups and meditation

sessions, covering a variety of subjects. Dianne provides her students a safe and

secure environment, inspiring them as they awaken their potential.


Studying under the mentorship of International Medium, Tony Stockwell, Dianne is

always learning herself, always bringing the latest concepts of teaching and

understanding to her students.


To contact Dianne: Facebook - Dianne Thomas Medium

Email: dianne-thomas@hotmail.com