Lynn has taught at Tony’s Studio since it’s opening in 2005, and has also been one of the main tutors on Tony’s residential seminars (under the name The Avalon Project). Those of you that have seen Tony on tour in recent years may have had the pleasure of seeing Lynn taking a guest spot on some shows. She was also a guest worker on an episode of ‘Tony Stockwell- Psychic Detective’ TV series for Living TV.

Lynn grew up in South West London, part of a close knit family. It was only through Lynn’s own personal search for spiritual evidence that she discovered so much not only about herself and what she had been experiencing, but about the spirit world and their endeavours to reach us in so many ways.

Lynn has gone on to established herself over the years as a very popular tutor and demonstrator who works tirelessly to help others develop their own ability whilst bringing comfort to those who are searching for that contact from their loved ones in the spirit world.

Lynn is an approved tutor at the Arthur Findlay College - Stansted Hall, UK, thought by many to be t he home of British Spiritualism, with an excellent worldwide reputation in mediumship, demonstrating and teaching.

Lynn is a regular demonstrating medium in many spiritualist churches and spiritual centres and she also runs many teaching groups.
For us here at the studio Lynn hosts courses, workshops, demonstrations and offers 1-2-1 readings.